Sunday, January 20, 2013


I've been feeling pretty good lately.  Little things here and there get me down for a minute, but overall pretty good.  But sometimes, some things just piss me off.  Truly.  My husband checked the mail today, and lucky me, the only piece of mail was mine.  It was from the Department of Psychology at my school.  Hmmm,...what could this be?  It turned out to be a letter inviting me and my "new baby" to participate in a research study.  Where did they get my name?  If I find it was from the hospital/clinic (also affiliated with the school), heads are going to roll.

To be honest, I was already a bit weepy this weekend, thinking about how things were supposed to be. Just last night, I realized how many times last year we thought, "This time next year...".  Instead, we'll be thinking about "this time last year".  Maybe this time next year will be better. For real.

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