Friday, August 9, 2013

Only a Husband

I used to have a blog called 'Only a Husband'.  It was for all of those little things C does that are not fuss-worthy, but certainly not the way I would do them.  After only 3 or so posts in a year, I took it down.

Anyway, I had one of those moments today.  After losing Morgan, I immediately started my research to learn more about what incompetent cervix was, and what could be done about it.  I found out about a procedure called a trans-abdominal cerclage, which is when the surgeon places a loop of suture at the junction of the uterus and cervix.  The procedure is similar in many ways to a C-section, without actually cutting the uterus.  As the stitch is meant to be permanent, it requires a C-section delivery.  I told C about this, and we both felt it was pretty extreme, though I could see the allure in such a procedure.  Fast forward to last night, when I decided to send an email to one of the few doctors in the country who does this surgery on a regular basis.  Just to see what he had to say.  At first, C seemed upset that I'd sent the email.  But, oh boy!  This morning, when I forwarded Dr. Haney's response, his tune certainly changed!  Now, after reading the doctor's repeat of the things I'd already said, he's almost 100% on board with us flying to Chicago for this surgery.  Now, I don't have MD behind my name, but  folks do call me Dr.  I understand where he's coming from and that he's worried about me in surgery, but c'mon! Give me a little credit in deciphering the situation!

I know his heart is the right place, and his hesitance comes from concern.  This is just one of those 'Only a Husband' moments.

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  1. Dr. Haney recomends the surgery after a single (not to underestimate the significance) loss? Are there other factors involved or what is the biggest reason?