Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Breath of Fresh Air

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were considering a trans-abdominal cerclage.  Today, we had a phone consultation with Dr. Haney in Chicago, and it really was like a breath of fresh air.  Compared to that awful postpartum appointment this same time last year, today's discussion was like getting fresh air after nearly suffocating.

All day at work, I was excited to speak with him, almost as if he was going to hand us a baby over the phone.  In the minutes before I dialed, my stomach was in knots as if going for a job interview.  Worse, actually.

Dr. Haney was very friendly, and explained everything clearly.  Most importantly, he saw no reason for couples to have to jump through hoops and lose 3 or more babies before "believing" a woman has an incompetent cervix.

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