Thursday, March 21, 2013

Must be nice... naively assume your pregnancy will go as planned.

A friend posted on Facebook that she's pregnant.  I've tried my hardest to not be concerned or pay any attention.  But a thread between my friend and some other people popped up on my feed tonight (I have not "liked" or otherwise commented on this thread!!!), and she stated her due date was in October.  So, that basically means she's only been pregnant long enough to go to the doctor to confirm and have some pregnancy announcement photos made, but she's announced it to the WORLD (via said photos).  She hasn't even cleared the first trimester!!  I guess after a successful first pregnancy, you can be confident enough to do that.  Must be nice.

I went to my women's support group last night, and we somehow got to talking about whether to tell early the next time, in order to have more support if things go wrong vs. not telling until after the danger zone of when the last pregnancy ended.  The husband and I have talked about not telling anyone at all until a) it's beyond obvious or b)when I go into labor, with an "Oh yeah, by the way..."  I think at the very least, 20 weeks.  Maybe 24, when viability is reached? Decisions, decisions.  Decisions that won't be made anytime soon.

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