Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 2

July 25: 20 weeks + 2 days

I woke up in a much better mindset today.  We have a little system set up to keep me occupied: several crafty projects, beverages/snacks, books, etc to keep me occupied.  I watched several episodes of HawthoRNe on Netflix today.  I'd never watched it on television, but gave it  chance today.  Not bad, so far.  Craft projects are kind of hard when you're laying down, but I'll figure something out.  All this time, I've been collecting little projects to make once we knew if Baby was a boy or girl, and now I can't go to the fabric store to pick out fabric, yarn, or the like.  I'm also assuming I can't sew, since I also am not allowed to drive.  (Same seated position, leg movements)  Kind of a bummer, but it only means that Baby might not get all the cute homemade things I had planned.  She'll still be loved and taken care of.

Despite the situation, I have a lot to be thankful for.
1) Baby is still thriving.
2) No bleeding, cramping or worrisome symptoms
3) That despite the appointment hotline's rigid rules for scheduling visits within prescribed "windows", we had the first appointment available as soon as I turned 20 weeks.  I don't know what would have happened had the visit been later in the week.  We also had a weeklong visit to the in-laws planned for next week.  I can't help but keep thinking what would have happened if our appointment had been delayed in the least, but thankful that is was not.
4) We got an attentive ultrasound tech.  She could have easily completed the exam and passed the images off to the doctor.  I've read many posts on various pregnancy boards where the tech wouldn't say anything at all because they're not allowed to "diagnose".  I wanna bake this woman a cake, seriously!

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