Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Some people are just mean spirited

Some people are just mean.  Downright cruel, even.  A couple of days ago, I was reading a blog post about a 61 year old woman serving as a surrogate for her daughter, who had been unable to carry a baby to term.  The blog authors posed the question of whether the readers would use a surrogate or act as a surrogate for another family.

Now, I know the anonymity of the internet lets people say a whole lot of smack they wouldn't say to your face, but one reader, "James P.", takes the cake.  He first implied that people who pass over adoption in favor of alternative means to a biological child to complete their families are SELFISH, and then also said "I bet infertility is one of the ways God is merciful to children who have parents unwilling or unable to care for them.".

Are you serious?  Even before our situation occurred, I've always noticed how seemingly easy it is for those who are obviously bad parents to have children.  This morning, while scanning the news, I found this story about a woman who lied to her husband about their baby dying in utero, but she really wrapped the newborn baby in a plastic bag and a pillowcase and placed it in the freaking clothes dryer.  Do you mean to tell me THIS woman is a better parent than I am?  Casey Anthony, who was partying at the club while her little girl was missing, is a better parent than I am?

Get the 'bleep' out of here with that nonsense.  If people with infertility issues or other reproductive issues were unwilling or unable to care for their children, would we be so distraught when we lose them?  Casey Anthony was apparently glad to be freed of her parental duties and ran right out to party hearty.  Would we do anything we could, such as clinical trials, alternative therapies, and wading through volumes of medical studies, if we didn't want to have families of our own?

One who hasn't been through these situations would even begin to understand, but how could James P. even begin to think his statement was true?  He must not live in the same world I do, where bad things do indeed happen to good people.

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